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Alumni Testimonial

Amy Ong Jin Lu_Nanyang Girls High School 2020.jpg

Undoubtedly, Horizon has played an integral part in my overall development as a citizen. Horizon has placed a lot of importance on inculcating in all of us the 7 Habits as well as the four school values (Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence) — so that we can make ethical decisions well, and still manage to make school life enriching and thrilling. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had the school experience with Horizon. Every day, I would wake up bright and early in anticipation of the fulfilling school day ahead, and even now in secondary school, I still have pangs of nostalgia and longing to return to Horizon and meet all my friends and teachers. I shall now expound on a few of the numerous reasons why I shall forever be indebted— in a positive way— to Horizon.

Firstly, a proud member of Horizon’s Speech and Drama Club, I can tell you with utmost certainty that my CCA definitely had a hand in whittling my public speaking skills out of what was originally a mass of apprehension and timidity. It also taught me that everyone, whether crew member or actor, plays an equally important part in the smooth running of a performance.

Secondly, in P4, I was given the rare opportunity to go for an interschool Chinese Cultural Camp at Mee Toh Primary, which strengthened my passion for my mother tongue and its rich culture; thus, boosting my interest in bilingualism and biculturalism.

Furthermore, we also had a P4 Cohort Camp which really pulled our rose-coloured glasses off as it made us realise how important self-management was and appreciate our parents in their absence. Moreover, it enabled us to forge even more wonderful memories with each other and it knitted us even more tightly together; thereby, helping to develop our social skills.

In addition, at P5, I was selected to be a Mother Tongue Programme Captain, I had a blast with my fellow captains as we attended leadership training programs together and conducted Mother Tongue Fortnight activities for the entire school. It was a wonderful experience as I got to educate others on the various cultures of other races and simultaneously hone my leadership skills and ability to work with other.

Unfortunately, my final year in Horizon arrived soon enough and all of us were stressing out over our PSLE. The COVID-19 situation did not help either; however, thankfully, our teachers knew exactly what we were going through and they came up with numerous motivational initiatives as well as extra consultation sessions as our lessons had been drastically affected by the Circuit Breaker. Even after losing count of the number of times my enunciation had to be corrected over WhatsApp and the number of grammar and Science questions I—unintentionally— flooded my teachers’ chats with, my teachers remained approachable and encouraging and they gave all my queries careful thought before answering to the best of their ability as soon as possible. After the Circuit Breaker, they even came up with engaging activities to develop our cognitive skills. Their patience and dedication to their job and us students was really heartwarming, so I know for a fact that whoever joins Horizon will be in good hands.

In a nutshell, (yes here’s a summary!) Horizon is a positive learning environment with marvelous teachers for students to learn and grow together, supporting each other all the way and forging wonderful, long-lasting bonds. I also hope Horizon will continue surpassing the school she was yesterday and being the best she can be!

One last thing for my juniors— here’s one of the major lessons I learnt from my six-year journey in Horizon (and am still learning): making mistakes is perfectly normal. Don’t beat yourself up over a blunder. Instead, focus on the fact that you know you can do it better, you know how to do it better, and you will do it better. After you have fallen down, you can cry but afterwards remember that you have to dry your tears, stand up on your own and dust yourself off before trying again. Horizon will help you every step of the way. You can do it!




Choo En Min Chloe_Nan Chiau High School 2020.jpg

To me, Horizon Primary School is like a garden. This is a place where we enter as seedlings and are nurtured with the right values to blossom into flowers. This is a place where flowers like us are taught the right values. The teachers are very passionate in teaching and strive to bring out the best in us.

Being a school that emphasises the seven habits, we learn more than just academic curriculum. We are taught not only to excel academically, but also to explore our interests.  Through my CCA, international dance, I had the opportunity to represent Horizon in numerous dance competitions. These opportunities are invaluable in shaping us holistically as individuals.

As an ex-school captain, I became more outspoken and confident through the opportunities. We were put through leadership workshops and various activities which tested our teamwork and confidence.

I would strongly recommend Horizon Primary School to prospective students. I assure you that your time here will be as memorable as mine.

As an alumni, I wish Horizon all the best for its future endeavours.



Iffah Umairah Binte Mohamed Amin_Compassvale Secondary School 2020.jpg

Horizon primary made a positive impact in my life. It gave me strength and many opportunities that allowed me to challenge myself, and to be a better version of me. Horizon taught me how to lead, inspire and build better relationships with my peers.

Our school values, RICE (Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence), had been ingrained in me and guided me to think before I do anything. It has definitely made me a better person.

I hope the next batch of students will continue to uphold the name of our school and strive for excellence. I hope they will grow to be great leaders and to lead others.




Asher Teoh_Victoria School 2020.jpg

Horizon Primary School has contributed greatly to my growth in a variety of ways. In the academic aspect, the engaging and knowledgeable teachers have impacted my studies positively by boosting my understanding on the various concepts for the respective subjects. They have also catered to my learning style to keep my passion for learning burning in my heart. Also, being the outspoken person that I am, Horizon Primary School has also presented a wide array of opportunities for me to take part in competitions where I had to speak in front of a large audience. This greatly enhanced my ability to present ideas on public platforms and allowed me to learn how to speak confidently.

For prospective students, Horizon Primary School would definitely be my recommendation. Why would I say that? From my experience, Horizon Primary School presents an all-rounded learning system and places great emphasis on the holistic development of students. This results in students growing academically and also, honing many important life skills such as leadership skills and communication skills. Moral values, and the ability to distinguish right from wrong, are also indoctrinated in them through the Character and Citizenship Education, as well as the 4 houses that form the backbone of values in Horizon Primary School – Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. As we all know, fun and enjoyment are crucial in a child’s life. As such, Horizon Primary School also allows for unstructured play during recess, with the supervision of a teacher to prevent any accidents from happening. This allows students to relieve stress as they prepare for the next lesson, and to allow them to bond with their friends in an engaging manner.

To Horizon Primary School, I wish you the best for the future. Continue being the fun-filled and well-rounded school that I remember fondly and the school that will lay the foundation for the learning journey that the students would go through as they progress further in life and grow up to be young and admirable individuals. I hope you will impact every student who walks through those gates like how you have impacted me and ignite a spark in them that will give them a dream to strive towards and motivation to never give up when they fail.

Elie tan.JPG

My success is attributed to Horizon Primary. Over the course of six years, the once shy and timid girl had grown to become a more confident and responsible individual. Horizon Primary had taught me many life skills such that I am able to become the leader I am today. Although I was less outspoken than my other friends, I was still given opportunities to lead. The school had taught me well, grooming me into a more sociable person, allowing me to build better relationships with peers.

Through the 7 habits, I had learnt to organise my time more efficiently and know how to work with my friends. The school values would forever be instilled in me, becoming part of my moral principles; to treat others with respect and compassion, to have integrity, and always strive to be exemplary in whatever we do.

Horizon Primary will always be a part of me, for shaping me to be what I am today. This year, Horizon is celebrating her 10th year anniversary, I sincerely congratulate her on her achievement as she continue to strive beyond the horizon and achieve greater heights.

To my juniors, the fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest. When everything seems to be going against you, persevere on, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Don't give up, success may just be waiting for you at the next bend!  All the best in your future endeavours!

Elie Tan
Dunman High School

aaron ng.JPG

Happy 10th Birthday, Horizon Primary School! You had nurtured many batches of exemplary leaders, and I am confident that this fire to excel and to produce better future generations will continue unabated. I am proud to be part of the school’s journey and a school alumnus.

My time spent with Horizon Primary School had been most enriching and memorable. I am thankful to have been taught by so many passionate educators, not only wanting to educate us but also nurture us to be better people of good character. Through the 7 habits, it taught me how to be an effective team player and how to be efficient in what I do. These 7 habits continue to guide me and serve me well as I embark onto my secondary school journey. Amongst the four school values, compassion had also taught me how to listen better and be more approachable. This, in turn, made me many new and sincere friends.

What I hope to share with my juniors is this; time will pass by quickly and it will be lost forever. So, we must seize every minute and second to learn and to be better. And when we do learn and become better, it is our duty to repay what we have learnt to help others be better.

Aaron Ng
Class of 2018
Hwa Chong Institution

Bay siblings.jpg

Happy Birthday, Horizon Primary School!  Wishing Horizon a smooth journey ahead with many more 10 years to celebrate! Hope Horizon Primary will have an abundance of future successes and will be nurturing many more generations of remarkable students in the years to come. All the best in your future endeavours!

One of the pieces of advice I would give to the current students of Horizon Primary is to study hard. I would really want to emphasise on the importance of this as it affects which secondary school you would be going to and more. Of course, if you aspire to be a doctor, teacher or pilot, your scores will need to make the mark.  You may not realise it now but it will definitely help in the near future when you get a job.

Secondly, try to have good relationships with your peers. Not only your family but friends are also important too.  When you are in school, they are the ones who keep you accompanied, help in your school work or play together and have fun. Imagine without having friends, how sad would that be? So try to establish good friendships, in case you need help in future, you always have someone to turn to. Your lives will surely be more interesting too.

Last of all, cherish the present. You may feel negative emotions about misunderstandings or other unwanted matters. But, look towards the bright side! In your life, schooling days are the most relaxing and fun period especially in primary school. So stay happy and live every day in your school to the fullest. Now, in secondary school, there are more subjects, homework and it is more tough and challenging.

In summary, enjoy the days you have in Horizon Primary to the fullest.

Contributed by Xavier Bay, Chelsea Bay & Joshin Bay
Chung Cheng High School (Main)

jaelyn lee.jpg

Horizon Primary School had always nurtured me to reach my potential and prepared me for what was ahead, be it new experiences or special opportunities that had helped me to soar to even greater heights. There was definitely no exception for my very last year there, where I had countless fond memories.

 As I was going to enter secondary school, Horizon Primary helped me to understand more about secondary school life and the options I had for my next crucial phase in life. Posters about secondary school open houses and Direct School Admission (DSA) time periods were always a common sight in school. During Leadership Day, the school also invited our seniors to share about their secondary school lives and advise us on how to cope in secondary school. This helped by informing me about what to expect in secondary school and how to better transit from primary school to secondary school.

Most importantly, I would like to give credit to all my passionate and dedicated teachers – the ones who were my guiding light; my wisdom during the turning points of my life; my eyes when I needed to see what was right and wrong; my best, best friends in my learning journey. I would never ever forget them, as much as I would never forget the beautiful and bright stars that I always see in the night skies – the ones that always reminded me of how I should shine in my own ways. I really appreciate how much each and every one of my teachers had helped me in my holistic and personal development and in my process of learning. I also appreciate their immense contribution to my memorable experience in Horizon Primary School.

I am also grateful that Horizon Primary School provided me with so much valuable opportunities and platforms to further develop myself and experience learning in a fun and interesting way. Such opportunities and platforms include the chance to participate in Singapore NDP 2015, the chance to hone my leadership skills by appointing me as a Vice-Head Captain, the chance to go to Xiamen, China for a cultural exchange programme, the chances to represent the school by performing in public and participating in competitions with my CCA members, and many more. These opportunities helped me to learn beyond the textbooks and develop myself overall as a confident person. Without the school making efforts to provide such special and valuable opportunities, I definitely will not have had the same learning experiences and be who I am today.

Having such wonderful teachers and experiences accompanying me all the way till the very end of my primary school years, I definitely have to say that Horizon Primary School had prepared me well for the next phase of my journey in education. I will always appreciate, remember and be grateful for what Horizon Primary School has done for me and for every single one of its students.

Lee Jaelyn

Raffles Girls School

dylan chong.JPG

Studying at Horizon was both an exciting and engaging six years. Not only did the teachers guided us through our academics, but our learning was also extended to hands-on activities like going out of classroom occasionally to learn. The weekly ICT lessons particularly helped spark my interest in technology. My CCA, Robotics Club, also helped me gain more exposure with opportunities to participate in competitions like the National Junior Robotics Competition and IDE. 

The 7 Habits played a big part in shaping my character. Being proactive in doing the right things without being told and having synergy with my classmates are some of the traits I have developed. I have also learned how to sharpen the saw by finding ways to improve my personality and skills.

I would like to wish Horizon a Happy 10th Birthday! I am sure the school would continue to strive for excellence and scale greater heights! I am very grateful to have played a part in the first ten years of the school and incredibly proud to be part of the Alumni. 

To my juniors — work hard, do your very best, take advice from teachers and your parents and you will do well in life. Always remember, you reap what you sow. All the best!

Dylan Chong (张韶峰)

class of 2017
School of Science and Technology, Singapore

fay ong.JPG

Happy Birthday to Horizon Primary and I am glad I made the decision to join Horizon Primary and am in one of the earlier batches of this school as I managed to watch Horizon progress from when it was a new school to where it is today.

Throughout my experience in Horizon, there were many opportunities which helped me to overcome my stage fright. For example, in P1 to P3, we had show-and-tell sessions when we had to present in front of the class and talk about it. In P4 and P5, we were required to read the newspaper provided to us and give a brief summary in front of the class. In P6, our English teacher came up with various creative ideas to get us to share our thoughts or feelings about the different topics by starting a sentence and asking us to complete it. These were just some of the many opportunities offered to me, as a student, to speak up and voice my opinions which helped boost my confidence level. With a higher confidence level, I became more proactive in contributing to discussions or answering questions.

Some advice to my juniors. Study hard because whatever you are learning and going through right now is going to be very different as compared to secondary school and do not give up.

Keep going and one day you will reach your goals and you will be able to look back to the days where you nearly wanted to give up but you did not and that is why you are going to be where you are at in the future.

All your hard work will pay off and do not let negativity influence you and know that self-acceptance is important because with self-acceptance, you will be able to live a happier life.

Fay Ong

Class of 2017
Cedar Girls Secondary School

stefanie kwa.JPG
The journey in Horizon Primary was a fruitful one as it was where I got the boost to find the right path for my life. In Horizon Primary, everyone is a leader, a leader of themselves, regardless if you are a school captain or not. The core values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence and the 7 Habits are the guidelines for you to be a successful person in life.

I am grateful for the teachers’ support, motivation and belief in me. I am thankful to them as they gave me a chance to participate in the National School Games which gave me a chance to shine. As I am a swimmer and am always busy training, the teachers were very understanding and gave me the support I needed. We may not be the best students but the teachers never gave up on us, always helping us find the right path when we are lost. I also learnt that one’s character is very important. If you are successful but with poor character, it means nothing.

For Horizon Primary who is turning 10, do not stop helping students to shine in their own ways. You helped me be who I am today. I will continue to be a leader of my life like how you had taught me. I will make you proud of me one day. Hopefully I will be able to represent Singapore at the bigger games like SEA Games and make you extremely proud.

To the present students of Horizon Primary, I have the following to share with you.

Failure is the Mother of Success, if you fall, just pick yourself up and try again. Your mistakes make who you are, no one is perfect. When you have a target, give your 100%. Whenever you feel like giving up, just persevere. I assure you that there will be results. In life, you don’t have to be the best BUT you must do your best, you have nothing to lose but live your life with passion. BE the champion of your life and be a learned champion with character.

Be grateful for the opportunities such as I-Lead, camps and student exchanges given to you at such a young age. For those taking PSLE this year, as long as you have prepared enough and done your best, you will do well.

Be a leader of your life, do not let others take control of your life. Celebrate every little success achieved. Do not limit your challenges, instead challenge your limits. Stay positive and enjoy the process.

Stephanie Clarissa Kwa

Class of 2017
Singapore Sports School

Maegan Chew.jpg
Learning in Horizon has been especially memorable for me as my teachers were engaging and they made lessons come alive. Since the first year in Horizon, my teachers have been caring as they understood the needs of a child who has embarked on a new learning at a primary school. They are passionate about teaching us and always find new ways for us to learn.  My teachers always had confidence in us to be able to reach our goals.

I have also enjoyed the CCA and leadership opportunities given to me by the school. The wide range of CCAs allows the interests and talents of every student to be developed. I had the opportunity to be developed as a school captain (prefect) and many of my peers were also developed as leaders with different responsibilities.

The experiences in Horizon have prepared me well for the growth and challenges of secondary school.


mikaail_school website.jpg
Thank you so much Horizon Primary for all these years where you have supported me, encouraged me and given me the opportunity to train my public speaking skills which would help me pursue my dream in acting! Thank you so much for grooming me into the leader that I am today, serving others and being a role model, as well as teaching my current secondary school peers all the values that you have taught me, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.
I will do my very best to continue to make Horizon proud and participate in more leadership events and hone my skills and serve Singapore in the future as a good and humble Singapore Citizen. 
For the current students learning and growing to become leaders in Horizon Primary School, I have a message for you.
Take strong interests in your school work. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Make mistakes, learn from it. There is no such thing as failure, only success delayed. The only way to be best in something is to be Obsessed with it. Obsessed about it in mind and body every single day of your life. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. For those who are currently preparing for your PSLE exams, put in your fullest efforts in revising for your subjects, manage your time well and believe in yourself. After all these six years of studying and striving for excellence, your efforts will truly pay off. All the best!


akasyah_school website.jpg
Horizon has provided me many platforms and opportunities to help me become a student leader. School leaders and teachers of Horizon have always emphasised on the fact that every child is a leader.   I was nominated as a school captain and I thought that it was a great opportunity that I should take up to build up my leadership skills and my confidence. I was assigned duties and I felt that it built up my courage to teach others what’s right.
Another way that Horizon has helped me become a student leader is through my CCA, which was Infocomm Club. I had opportunities to contribute to the school by assisting in the Sound Control room and being a photographer during in-house events. This helped me to be independent and apply my skills and knowledge to good use.
Last but not least, Horizon has guided me become a leader through I-LEAD. I-LEAD has helped me to be empowered so as to become an effective self-leader. I-LEAD activities include hands-on work, role-playing and discussions. I feel that Horizon made me who I am today and helped me build up leadership skills. I hope that all the students would feel the same way and would grow to be a self-directed leaders. 
Thank you for all the opportunities, events, activities, and everything that you have given and done for me. I also would like to thank the school leaders, staff and teachers for being very friendly, kind and caring. I hope that the students will earn a good name for the school and I wish for the school to be a joyful learning environment for every leader.

ryan neo.JPG

Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary, Horizon Primary! I am extremely delighted to be able to write this testimonial in commemoration of Horizon’s incredible milestone. I joined Horizon Primary in 2011 and never in my 6 years of primary school education have I once regretted being in such a prestigious school. By providing me with many unforgettable experiences and opportunities, she has allowed me to flourish not just academically, but also character-wise. Some of which included our annual learning journeys, outdoor camps and various inter-school interaction programmes/competitions. I am also extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to become a ‘School Captain’, the tag for our school’s prefects. In addition, programmes like the 7-Habits/Leader-in-Me and the school values, particularly compassion, have groomed me into the person I am today.

Another way Horizon Primary has transformed me into the leader I am today is through my CCA, swimming. The 4 to 5 years in my CCA has drilled into me the virtue of determination and resilience, teaching me how to bite back the pain and press forward to achieve the bitter-sweet success.

“The only mistake in life is the mistake not learned”   ~ Albert Einstein

Finally I would like to thank all the teachers of Horizon Primary, both past and present, for their unwavering passion and patience in educating every single gifted student. Without your strong guidance and support, Horizon’s alumni would not have attained success and become the talented leaders we are today. I hope Horizon Primary will be able to continue birthing new batches of talent every single year and, once again, I wish her a joyous 10th anniversary!!!

Ryan Neo
Dunman High School

Nicole_school website.jpg
My journey in Horizon Primary is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. The school provided me with many experiences and opportunities such as learning journeys, adventure camps and the Student Exchange Programme with schools from other countries that helped me grow to be who I am now.

At Horizon Primary School, I was a sailor on the national rankings, and I am grateful that the school allowed me to represent it and sent me for the annual inter-school sailing championships. The teachers were very patient even when they had to wait for a long time at the National Sailing Centre when I was out on the water.

My teachers in Horizon did their best to instill the school values in the students. We may not appreciate at first but now I realise how useful these values are to me now. They played a very big part in my journey in Horizon to help me score well in my exams and also ensure my well-being. I will always be grateful to them.

I am very happy to be part of the Alumni of this blossoming school.

To all the future graduates of Horizon, work hard, play hard and be happy in school.

Everyone has the capacity of being anyone or anything ~Tom Hiddleston


MACKITT_Horizon Alumni.JPG
I joined Horizon when I was in Primary 4. I was quite worried that I could not adapt to the new environment. However, my teachers and friends were welcoming and that helped me to be more familiar with the environment and adapt to people around me quickly.
Horizon soon became an awesome place to learn and have fun! I didn't really like Character Education in the past, but at Horizon, I learned about being a leader for myself and others, in particular, building a sound moral compass. The myriad of events held in school, namely Strictly Jump Jam Competition, Talent Day and Horizon Gem had added spice to my primary school journey. One of my favourite events was Junior Olympic Games cum Sports Family Carnival. We had opportunities to compete against one another in a healthy way through a variety of sport games such as Soccer and Captain's Ball! I had immense fun with my friends and family.

Hence, Horizon has been a memorable part of my schooling life.


Joshua Cher.jpeg

Horizon holds many defining memories for me. The Principal, Vice-Principals, Teachers and the many friends I made during my primary school days have moulded me into the leader I am today. The memories I had in Horizon are invaluable experiences that guided me onto my suited path. The 7 Habits I learnt in Horizon have really helped me throughout my student life by teaching me how to acquire a lifestyle suited for my learning. The school has also cultivated values and morals in me from young and these have helped me improve as a person as well as to maintain a positive attitude even in trying periods.

I wish for Horizon Primary to carry on bringing out the best in students, leading them to be passionate leaders. May Horizon Primary continue striving for and achieving excellence in the years ahead as well as remain a “Second Home” to its students just as it is to me even now.

I would advise my fellow juniors to be determined and persist through tough times as well as to give their all in everything they do and to learn from failures and take them as stepping stones to success.  I wish them happiness and I hope they enjoy their time in Horizon. All the best!

Joshua Cher
Temasek Junior College

Gerald_school website.jpg
I would like to congratulate my alma mater, Horizon Primary School, on her tenth year anniversary. I take pride that I was the pioneer batch of students to be enrolled in Horizon Primary School in 2010. The inculcation of Seven Habits and the inclusive and caring environment provided by teachers played an imperative role in shaping the leader in me.

Seven Habits such as ‘Be Proactive’ and ‘Sharpen the Saw’ will always ring a bell in my mind whenever I set out to accomplish tasks. 

I thank the teachers of Horizon Primary School who have accomplished a commendable job in ensuring that the students are developed holistically and in ensuring the Seven Habits and values are instilled.

I sincerely wish Horizon Primary School all the best in continuing to provide such high-quality education to its students; to its leaders of tomorrow.


michelle_school website.jpg

I joined Horizon in 2011 at P4 and I’m very honoured to be part of the pioneer batch to graduate from the school. My teachers had given me many opportunities to grow as a leader, as well as an individual. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids (The Leader in Me) I learnt in my 3 years in the school taught me leadership qualities that prepared me for my future. I remember fondly how the school had given me the chance to do a presentation on the 7 Habits to teachers of other schools. This presentation showcased Horizon’s flagship leadership programme which I was very proud of. This had greatly impacted me as it built up my confidence, public speaking skills and deepened my understanding of the 7 Habits. These values have helped me face many challenges even through my secondary school years. Among the many takeaways from my primary school life, an important part is the precious friendships that I have forged with my friends from Horizon. Even after 5 years from graduation, I still have those friends who will always be at my back. I would like to end this sharing with my current school motto. “Nil Sine Labore”, which means “Nothing Without Labour”. Work hard, and you will definitely see the results you want!