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Achievements 2020

Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 2020
Final Round
Upper Primary (Group)
1 Gold

Preliminary Round
Lower Primary (Individual)

2 Silver

Upper Primary (Individual)
1 Bronze

Lower Primary (Group)

1 Silver
1 Bronze

Upper Primary (Group)
1 Gold
3 Silver
Awe-Inspiring Virtue and Ocean of Wisdom National Calligraphy Competition 2020
Upper Primary (Individual)
5 Merit
 The 6th Chinese Moo-O Awards 20203 Silver 
 TamilPongal Colouring Competition 2020Lower Primary (Individual)
2 Merit
MathematicsAnnual Mathlympics 2020
2 Gold
1 Silver
3 Bronze 
InfoComm RippleUX Competition:
Singapore National Coding & Robotics 2020 Competition
Theme: Socially Responsible Society
Upper Primary (Group)
2nd Position
Cub ScoutsFrank Cooper Sands Award 2019 Gold Award 
 Cub Scouts Area Akela Award 2020  7 Akela Awards
AestheticsArt Call for Doodle Art: Architecture Saving our World (Primary Category) competition Winner