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Horizon Plays a part in the singapore green plan

Horizon Primary School is happy to play a part in MOE's effort to onboard schools in working towards the 2030 carbon-neutral target of the Singapore Green Plan. 

You can find out more by accessing the Channel NewsAsia (CNA) feature here

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The MOE Innergy Awards aim to recognise individuals/teams at the ministry level, for successfully developing and implementing innovations to bring about significant benefits and impact in their workplaces.

We are proud to announce that our team of PE teachers have clinched the MOE Innergy (Schools) Commendation Award for their 2019 PE project entitled “Teaching Gymnastics Using the Student Learning Space (SLS)”.

The PE project aimed to improve the students’ engagement level and learning experiences in Primary 5 Gymnastics for PE. The PE teachers adopted a flipped classroom approach where students were able to revisit previous concepts learnt as well as form new knowledge for the Gymnastics skills through the SLS packages. Primary 5 students were also able to analyse and reflect on their performances using “Making Thinking Visible” routines via SLS for the Gymnastics skills during the PE lessons. A high percentage of students agreed to have picked up conceptual knowledge of the forward roll and handstand from the packages. This was evident from the more than 80% of them who agreed to have learnt cues and points to take note when executing the 2 said movements.

The PE team will continue to push beyond our frontiers in Innovations for quality teaching and students’ learning of Physical Education in Horizon Primary School.

Try something new during the holidays

"You'll never be bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do!“
- Dr. Seuss (Cat in The Hat)

In Horizon Primary School, our students acquire information and technology literacies and develop 21st century thinking skills via our Applied Learning Programme - Computational Thinking. Through this programme, our students learn to use age-appropriate block-based programming to code and create different prototypes. During the process of coding, they develop the attitude of 'Try Fail Try' and embrace a growth mindset in striving for excellence.

The Computational Thinking lessons allowed Darius Yong, from P5 Innovator to not only hone the basic coding skills, but also to understand coding better and develop his interest in it. Inspired by a newspaper article, he decided to create a Mathematics activity that could help his peers with their revision. Using the time he had after completing his daily assignments for FHBL, he practised self-directed learning by referring to a tutorial book to create his activity using coding. Of course, he faced temporary setbacks when his codes did not work at times. However, with the right attitude and spirit of perseverance, he kept trying until he got them right.

His activity can be accessed via this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/390106492

We hope that our students will have fun trying out Darius’ creation and be inspired by him to try something new or develop their own interest during this holiday.

Remember to Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious!

Elise Cheng artwork.jpgSOTA PRIMARY 6 ART COMPETITION 2020

Elisea Cheng Rui See from P6 Creator has been awarded the Certificate of Commendation at the SOTA Primary 6 Art Competition 2020.

There were 825 entries for this competition and her artwork has been shortlisted amongst the top 80 entries.

The painting shows a Man's heart that is burning with desire and greed. He turns into fire and causes destruction to nature, but a single rose grows and glows, showing sign of life and hope amidst all the chaos.
Platinum Award 2019_Restroom.JPG

Platinum STAR Award for Horizon Primary School

We are happy to announce that Horizon Primary School has been awarded the Platinum STAR award in 2019 after receiving the GOLD award for 3 consecutive years. It is an award given out by the Restroom Association (Singapore) in recognition to the school’s holistic approach in highlighting that toilets need to be treated as quality restrooms so as to sustain hygiene and social etiquette. 


SGA yellow flame award

We are proud to announce that Horizon Primary School has been awarded the Yellow Flame Award from the SEC-Starhub School Green Awards for the second consecutive year. The School Green Awards recognise the efforts put in by the teachers and students towards caring for the environment. As mentioned by PM Lee in this year's National Day Rally, climate change is one of the gravest challenges facing humankind and Singapore is feeling the impact of global warming. In Horizon Primary School, we recognize the importance of saving the Earth and have a whole-school approach to be more environmentally friendly. A highlight of our efforts this year, was the series of upcycling workshops planned and implemented by our student Eco-Leaders, heightened the awareness of our students in learning the importance of protecting our environment.
 Walk for Rice 2019.jpeg

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We are indeed honoured to be featured on the Little Red Dot on our contribution to the society via our walkathon-Walk for RICE. It was a meaningful and memorable way to celebrate our 10th anniversary and Children’s Day.

Together as Horizon family, we have walked 5417.2 km and made it possible for NTUC to donate 27 086 bowls of white rice and 27 086 bowls of brown rice for the needy families. All this would not have been possible without the splendid synergy of school staff, parent volunteers, parents who joyfully joined their children in the walkathon and, of course, our bright and cheerful students.

Fantastic collaboration Horizon!
Haze 2019.jpg

Click here to view this video.


Channel 8 news reached out to Horizon Primary School to share on our precautionary measures for this haze period as students return from their September holidays.  Our Year Head. Mr Timothy Wang shared our school's processes and measures.
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Horizon Family Day 2019 @ Thumbs Up

Horizon Family Day 2019 was featured in this issue of Thumbs Up (大拇指)!  Revolving around the theme - The Age of the Horizonites, the occasion transformed the entire school premises into a world of fantasy where students were involved in a life-size, role-playing game. Students partook in engaging and educational activities in various stations operated smoothly by parents and staff. Besides a brand new and refreshing experience for students, parents and staff, parent-child cooperation was evident from the preparation stage right up till the event day. Parents also took pride in seeing the latent strengths and abilities of their children in actions, beyond their academic achievements! 

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Elisea Cheng from P5 Creator took part in a hoarding design competition jointly organised by Singapore Institute of Technology and JTC. The theme on “the future of education” inspired Elisea to explore the possibility of having classes outdoor using the hologram projection. Her creativity and design clinched the top prize in the primary school category. Her winning design will be put up on the hoarding of the construction site of the upcoming SIT@Punggol campus, which will begin construction in September. Congratulations,Elisea!
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We are proud to be featured on the Straits Times on our contribution towards the SBS Transit Kindness Month at Punggol MRT!

Over the two sessions on 8th May and 29th May, our students interacted with commuters and passed on messages of kindness and graciousness for better commuting practices. Well done Horizon students for serving towards a gracious society. Every act of yours counts!

Read more by clicking on the link below:
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Our team, Stars of Horizon, has won the Best Team Spirit Award from the inaugural Chinese Street Dance Competition held on Saturday, 23 March 2019.  One of the judges of the competition, Mr Tosh Zhang, commented the team for their synchronised excellent dance moves even though we had a team of 10 members.

The team had practised hard for the past 3 months to prepare themselves for this competition. One of our team members, Huang Ai Hua from Primary 4 Innovator, expressed that she is extremely proud of the team. She felt that they truly deserved to win this award as they had worked extremely hard during their practice sessions.
Outdoor adventure learning programme.png

outdoor adventure learning programme

Horizon Primary was featured on Channel 8 news again! This time it is on our outdoor adventure learning programme. Our Primary 4 student, Cheryl Koh, shared about her learning and Year Head, Mdm Shirley Lim shared her views on having more MOE outdoor adventure centres. 

Watch it here.
P1 registration 2018.png

Primary 1 registration 2018

Horizon Primary was featured on Channel 8 news. Our intake of P1 classes has been increasing over the years and in 2019, Horizon Primary will be having 10 classes of P1 students- an increase of 80 vacancies as compared to 2017 intake. Our Principal, Mrs Grace Leong, shared her views on the demand in Punggol Town and how the school plays a part in providing opportunity for children who are interested in joining our school. 

Watch it here.
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We are proud to share that our school's I-LEAD programme was featured on the MOE Student Leadership Development (SLD) E-Buzz Periodical. 

Read more here.

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For the past two years, Horizon Primary School has been taking part in the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme (HMSP), a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and the Health Promotion Board.

Read more here.
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Our school's Fresh Me Up programme was featured on the MOE SchoolBag website. As part of a Fresh Me Up Project, a cohort-wide project for Values-in-Action to instil independence, the students would ensure that the toilets are clean, before they proceed for their recess break. 

Read more here.

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We are proud to announce that our school has been featured in LianHe Zaobao (《联合早报》)on 2 April 2017 for sending out the highest number of students for this year National Chinese Challenge. Through this competition, the organisers hope to create an opportunity for the participants to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture, and be motivated to improve their command of the Chinese language.

Read more here.