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2021 Primary 1 SCC Intake

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We are open for 2021 Primary One registration!

IIn colla boration with Horizon Primary School, Pro-Teach Schoolcare (Horizon) provides quality  academic support and dynamic programmes in a caring, safe and stable learning environment for students who fulfill our enrolment criteria. 

You may download a copy of our SCC Request Form here, once you secured a 

place for your child in Horizon Primary. 

Do  complete our SCC Request Form and email to us at hrz.proteach@gmail.com  

with the following documents  

by 10 September 2020:- 

1.   A copy of your childs Birth Certificate
2.   A copy of Fathers and Mothers NRIC
3.   A copy of Father's and Mother's recent payslips or CPF statements (For self-employed, please submit a copy of your business registration and IRAS Notice of Assessment for YA2020) 

For more information, please contact us during our operating hours at:-

Tel: 6483 0898/ 6481 1938

Email: horizon@pro-teach.com (For inquiry only)

Or visit our website www.pro-teach.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the criteria for enrolling my child to Pro-Teach @ Horizon Primary? 

Being a school-based Student Care Centre, your child must be studying in Horizon Primary School; both parents are working and there is no alternative caregiver (for example, domestic helper, stay-in relative, etc.) at home.

2. As soon as my child is granted admission to Horizon Primary School, what are his/her chances in securing a place in Pro-Teach? 

We will assess all requests submitted by 10 September 2020 to ascertain the eligibility*. Enrolment priority will be given to students who qualify for FAS.

3. Is Pro-Teach’s after-school care service available from Primary 1 through 6?

Pro-Teach @ Horizon Primary co-shares the school facilities with the rest of the School’s cohort. Our after-school care service will be available for Primary 1 through Primary 4 only.

4. What are our operating hours?

Pro-Teach @ Horizon Primary operates from 1.00pm to 7.00pm (Mon – Fri) during school term and from 7.30am to 7.00pm (Mon – Fri) during school holiday.

5. Will Pro-Teach supervise and coach my child in his/her school homework?

Our teachers will ensure 100% completeness in your child’s school homework, and will coach your child when he/she requires. Being a school-based Student Care Centre, we do not provide academic support services, hence parents may wish to enrol your children in external enrichment classes if necessary.

6. Will there be nap time catered for my child in Pro-Teach? 

Nap is provided for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students during school term. Longer naptime is provided during school holidays for all levels. Our students will be asked to bring in a sleeping bag for naptime. This sleeping bag will be stored in our Centre and brought home for cleaning on Fridays.

7. Does Pro-Teach provide lunch and/or afternoon snack?

Pro-Teach @ Horizon Primary provides lunch on days when school is dismissed at 1.45pm during school term and daily lunches throughout school holiday if your child is attending our first-half-day (morning) or full-day holiday programme. Daily afternoon snack is provided throughout school terms and holidays.

8. What are the monthly fees at Pro-Teach during school term and school holiday? 

We charge a monthly fee of $310.00 (including $5 monthly admin fee** and 7% GST).

During school holiday, an additional $30.00 per weekly block (inclusive of holiday surcharge, holiday material fees and 7% GST) is payable if your child attends our full day holiday programme.

9. Can we use our CDA (aka Baby Bonus) account to pay for the fees?

Pro-Teach is not an approved institution under the CDA scheme.

We do not accept payment from CDA accounts. 
 * Horizon Primary School will conduct an annual student care eligibility review on all students through Pro-Teach.
** Admin fee is waived for parents using GIRO as the payment mode.

** Admin fee is waived for parents using GIRO as the payment mode.