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Our Journeys with Horizon

Kelvin Law.jpg
Mr Kelvin Law
Kierstyn Francesca Law 
(P2 Thinker, 2017)
It took me a lot of courage to join PC! as I was worried that I might not have the time, I could not contribute effectively or the expectations would be too high. 

However, I was proven wrong. Being a part of PC! was such an enriching experience. The synergy and support in the team were excellent. I realised my worries were unfounded.

When we plan activities, we are guided by this principle, "Everything that we do is for the kids". This has allowed us to work closely with the school to organise fun-filled activities for the children. 
Chang Li Yun.jpg
Mdm Chang Li Yun
Lu Si Qi, Juliet (P3 Inventor, 2017)
Lu Sheng Long, Lucas 
(P1 Innovator, 2017)
I joined PC! in 2017. I am glad to have the opportunity to partner with the school management and staff to improve student achievements.

As a member, I also share my parenting skills and experience with other parents, facilitate the team and provide feedback to the school management. I am pleased to get to know other PC! members, as they are very knowledgeable. I am looking forward to working with them next year.

My children and I enjoyed all the activities such as Teachers' Day, Horizon Family Day and P1 Bonding. My children practised the 7 habits in school as well as at home.

We appreciate the teaching staff and management team at Horizon Primary School for being patient, understanding and caring.
Chua Jing Jing.jpg
Mdm Chua Jing Jing
Gerald Chong Xiang Ze
(P6 Innovator, 2017)

It is a great pleasure to join PC! in 2017. 

This year has been very fulfilling for me as I worked closely with a group of parent volunteers in 'Reading Mums and Dads' programme. Their dedication to guide our Primary One students in early literacy was very aspiring. Rain or shine, these parent volunteers sat with their charges to provide structured reading in the mornings for a semester. Every little success a child achieved brought joy to us. 

Through my contributions, my child understands the meaning of paying it forward. I hope he can be inspired to help others too.

Thank you, Horizon for your strong commitment in parental partnership.
Irene Lye.jpg 
Mdm Irene Lye
Yong Wing Ben (P2 Thinker, 2017)
As a PC! member for 2 years, I support the school and teachers in various programmes. I enjoy working alongside other PC members. Teachers' Day and Family Day are definitely the most enjoyable and memorable, from planning to executing the plans to ensure smooth running of the events. These events provided opportunities for me to pick up lots of creative ideas and practical skills. I am thankful for the school's utmost support. Such involvements have also strengthened the bond between my son and me as I become more aware of his school environment. It helps that we now share more common topics. I am grateful to have this opportunity to get involved in his learning process in school.
Jess Teo.jpg
Mdm Jess Teo
Joslyn Goh Hoon Teng
(P6 Inventor, 2017)

Joel Goh Jun Wei (P4 Reflector, 2017)
Joshua Goh Jun Kai (P2 Creator, 2017)
I am involved in various PC! projects. One of the most enjoyable times was planning for Horizon Family Day. Each member learnt to trust in the team's decisions and contributed in his or her own way to make the event a success.

I have improved my communication skills. My children are happier and are more involved in the events that PC! undertakes. I think this is a 'win-win' situation where our children are able to feel that we care about what happen in school.

The regular communication with the school re-affirms our mindset that the committee is an important stakeholder and this enhances our contributions. I am appreciative that the school leaders take time and effort in building up the relationship between the committee and the school.
Peter Chua.jpg
Mr Peter Chua 
Chelsea Chua Pei-Ying
(P6 Innovator, 2017)

Aston Chua Jie-Xun (P6 Reflector, 2017)
It has been a privilege to serve in the PC! for 6 years and as a treasurer for 4 years. 

I found the tripartite relationship among PC!, School Leaders and parents, a very meaningful partnership as it offers opportunities for the school to provide a holistic learning environment, with the PC! organising many family bonding activities.

My family enjoyed most of the PC! events, particularly the P1 Bonding which aims to help excited parents see their children begin their primary school journey.

My children learn that we are their most valuable supporters as we always make the effort to join them for school activities. My family is thankful for the fantastic opportunity to be involved in this holistic learning journey at Horizon Primary School!
Susan Lim.jpg
Mdm Susan Lim Saw Peng
Kellie Seah Kai Leng
(P6 Innovator, 2017)

Keller Seah Kai Le (P3 Innovator, 2017)
2017 has been a fruitful and enlightening year for my family, especially for my 2 children. It is imperative that the bond between teachers, parents and students is strong. With this bond, we are able to guide and nurture our kids to become confident individuals and responsible citizens. I am proud to mention that we are definitely on the right track.

From the recent Horizon Family Day, I could see a lot of involvement from our children, parents and teachers. This is one event which has taught my children and me an immeasurable value - to strive to be exemplary! This is one of Horizon's core values. We have indeed walked the talk.

Thank you to all School Leaders and staff for supporting PC!
Mdm Hema Devi Veerakumar 
Ashlyn Shivani Tamilselvan
(P3 Thinker, 2017)

I started out as an Associate Parent Volunteer and thereafter a PC! Committee member. It has been a humbling experience to serve Horizon Primary's Parents-Connect! Committee. 

I had many opportunities to be a part of some events such as Back to School Programmes, P1 Bonding and Teachers' Day. The camaraderie of the PC! team is something that I will always treasure.

My daughter understood what it means to volunteer and the importance of participating. She looks forward to school events, especially Horizon Family Day.

As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." We are appreciative that Horizon has created a nurturing environment and established a meaningful partnership with parents.
Joanne Lin.jpg
Mdm Joanne Lin
Teo Rui En, Joey (P6 Inquirer, 2017)
Teo Yu Xuan Jozy (P1 Thinker, 2017)
I am thankful for the opportunity to be in PC! since 2016 where I have planned lots of events.

Volunteering in school helps me realise that it is not easy being a School Leader and a teacher. It also allows me to bond with my girls. 

My family has enjoyed most of the PC! events, especially Horizon Family Day where all the parent volunteers aim to create an enjoyable day for all. From planning to execution, my children helped out whenever they could. I also learnt different things from other parents while we were working together to make the event a successful one.

Once again, thank you for all the wonderful memories!