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About PC!

Parents-Connect! is Horizon Primary School's Parent Support Group, established in November 2011.
  • Provide networking opportunities for parents to meet and share with one another. (parents with parents)
  • Encourage parental involvement in school activities & programs and develop a collaborative partnership between parents and the school.
  • Create opportunities for parents to bond with their children through activities. (parents with children)


A team of supportive parents with a sense of belonging to the Horizon family.


To foster strong bonds between the school, parents and children so as to provide a joyful, caring & nurturing environment for the children.

Logo Interpretation

Parents-Connect Logo.jpg

Two hands

  • The support of the parent given to the child.
  • Not just his or her own child, but to other children as well.
  • Build strong bonds amongst parents with their children, parents with parents, parents with teachers.

Vibrant orange colour

  • Combination of Red (Energy) and Yellow (Happiness)
  • Symbolic association with joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, happiness and creativity
  • Also signifies success and encouragement