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Students' Use of Mobile Devices

We understand that parents/guardians may at times require their children to bring mobile devices to school. The school policy on the use of mobile devices ensures that students are focussed during school hours and not distracted by calls, messaging or using the social media, multimedia and internet functions of the mobile device. Please note the following conditions :

1. The mobile device must be switched off by 7.25 am every morning. The device must remain switched  off till the end of school hours, inclusive of Supplementary / Enrichment lessons; Small Group Teaching  sessions; CCAs and Higher Mother Tongue lessons.

2. At the end of school hours, mobile devices can only be switched on and operated on silent mode when  the students are at one of the four call/ messaging zones,

a. The school foyer,
b. Gate A dismissal area,
c. Gate B dismissal area,
d. Gate C dismissal area.

3. The use of mobile devices is not permitted in other areas of the school after school hours.

4. In cases of emergency parents/ guardians can call the School Office to get in touch with their child/ward. For non-emergencies, parents/ guardians can SMS their child and leave a message for him/her to  return a call as soon as the message is read at the end of school hours.

5. Students are responsible for the care of their mobile devices and must be kept with them at all times.

6. The mobile device must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and class.

7. The school shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of students’ mobile devices.

8. The school reserves the right to check on students’ mobile devices.

9. Non-compliance with the school policy on the use of mobile devices will require students to hand over  their devices to school authorities.

10. Parents/ guardians will be required to personally collect their child’s mobile device from the school’s  Operations Manager.