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Horizon Alumni Committee

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We, the alumni committee, have created this icon whereby we chose to use the school’s mascot, the “geese” to represent the alumni members. Firstly, there are twelve geese, this represents the core alumni committee as there are twelve of us. Geese are migratory birds that fly across countries for warmth. When they fly, they form a “V” shape. It allows them to fly faster compared to flying alone. This shows that teamwork allows us to progress faster and at a more efficient pace. When a goose is tired, it will fly to the back to the formation and let another goose lead the way.

This shows that all of us are leaders and capable of leading one another. It also depicts that we are strong and united, as well as a humble team as we know when to let others have their turns to lead. We learn from others to improve ourselves. Geese also honk from behind to encourage those who are flying in front and when a goose falls behind, two other geese will accompany it till it catches up with the rest. This shows that we care and show compassion towards one another. It also tells others that we would always be willing to give anyone a helping hand.

In conclusion, the icon shows that we are all strong individuals with leadership qualities as well as a harmonious team that will love to help others out and listen to one and another’s advice. Hence, we chose the geese to be part of this icon.

Next, the colour of the bird: red, purple, yellow and blue. These colours stand for the houses: Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence respectively. This gives others the message that they should expect these values in us. Last but not least, the school logo along with the word “Horizon Alumni” is to show that we are still part of Horizon Primary School. 

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Words from the people in the Alumni Committee:

Up to this very day, the "Seven Habits of Effective Leaders" have never once left my mind or memory. This leadership framework, which so much of Horizon's programmes are built upon, has aided me in every aspect of my life. From studies, to CCA, and even to the things I truly believe and wish to pursue. I am extremely grateful for the caring and dedicated team (including those who have left) behind the success of the school over the last decade - and for many more decades to come. It is an honour to be presented with the opportunity to contribute back to the school that has made me so much of the person I am today. Thank you Horizon! 
-Brian [Advisory Member]
The reason I joined the committee is that I wanted to continue to develop my leadership skills and hope to give back to the school. I feel that Horizon Primary holds a lot of great memories I made with friends and the teachers, and I wanted to give others more great memories of Horizon Primary school.
-Celine [Media and Technology Coordinator]
The alumni committee is a great way to give back to Horizon and keep in touch with old schoolmates. I am grateful to be part of this committee!
-Nicole [Advisory Member]
I want to join the committee because I want to contribute back to my alma mater like how Horizon has contributed to me! I feel that the school is very responsible and gives its students chances to shine. I wish the school all the best in its many years to come! 
-Wayne [Event Coordinator]
The school has done a great job to nurture me over my 6 years there. I feel like I’m home when I come back to contribute to the school. 
-Shin Kai [Advisory Member]
I joined the committee as I wanted to repay our school for shaping us into better individuals. Horizon has provided us with so many opportunities to grow and thus we should do the same, by providing our service to Horizon. Joining the alumni has allowed me to experience how events are held and the procedures at school. This gives me a better understanding of Horizon. I feel proud to be part of our school’s alumni and being part of it makes me feel at home. 
-Erin [Secretary]
I join the committee as it is a good opportunity to develop my leadership and responsibility; and an opportunity to repay the school for accompanying me on my journey for 6 years. Horizon Primary School is a great school that focuses on the values of the students and provides multiple opportunities for the students to flourish. I hope by joining this committee, i can help the alumni to reconnect with the school, to reconnect with one's roots.
-Aaron [Event Coordinator]
I wanted to join this committee as I think it is a good way to gain experience. Plus, I like giving back to the school so it is a win-win situation. 
-Kyra [Media and Marketing Coordinator]
I joined the alumni committee so I could give back to the school as the school had given me so much to be grateful about. 
-Danial [Event Coordinator]
Horizon Primary School is where majority of my childhood memories were created. Being part of this committee not only helps me to remember all the wonderful experiences I had in Horizon but also a platform for me to reconnect with all my friends that I’ve gained over the years. 
-Trenyce [Advisory Member]
As an alumnus of Horizon Primary, without any doubt, I can say that Horizon has provided a conducive environment for all students to learn in and the teachers and staff are nothing less than caring and compassionate. I feel very grateful to be offered the chance to be in the alumni committee to give back to the school and also keep in touch with friends and teachers. I trust that Horizon will continue to nurture many outstanding leaders. 
-Jie Xi [Vice Chairperson]
To all teachers, I am grateful for their time and sacrifices. I was once a playful student but after 6 years of nurturing, care, concern and most importantly, love from the teachers, I have changed a lot. I feel bad for what I had done in the past and I want to be able to help my school and show others that I also care and show love to people around me. To ex-students of Horizon Primary, I would like to bring all of us back together. I want us to be forever united as a big family and reignite our wonderful memories of childhood in the school. To future alumni, I wish you all the best in your future, but always make some time to visit your teachers and friends from Horizon. As the alumni chairperson, our team will do our best to bring teachers and alumni together to ignite their childhood memories again and again and again. 
- Yifeng [Chairperson]

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