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School Mascot

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About The Geese

Geese are migratory birds that fly to warmer countries to avoid the cold winter. This journey is long and geese fly for almost 16 hours at a time. The geese form a "V" formation when they fly and they have good reasons for this.

The "V" formation allows the geese to fly further as a group compared to flying on their own. This shows that teamwork and cooperation allows each person to achieve more than their own efforts.

A goose will lead the whole group when flying. When the lead goose grows tired, it will fly to the back of the formation while another goose takes over. The geese share leadership to achieve their goals.

The geese honk from behind the group to encourage those in front to keep flying. If a goose falls ill, two other geese will accompany it and look after it until it recovers.

What we can learn from the geese:

  • They are leaders who work well with their team to achieve a goal.
  • They support and encourage each other so that the job can be done well.
  • They show compassion and responsibility when they look after fellow geese who need help.
  • They know how to take good care of themselves so that they will not be too tired for the journey.