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School House System


The House System aims to:
  • inculcate in students the school values through a structured approach
  • provide a platform for students and staff to develop as leaders and mentors
  • create a joyful learning environment for students and staff by
    • fostering a greater sense of loyalty and pride in students and staff towards the school and the House they belong to
    • building better teacher-student relationships and student-student friendships
    • promoting team spirit and sense of identity



The House System of Horizon is built on the belief of creating a joyful learning environment for our students. Through students' participation in various activities, we create meaningful experiences for them so as to build a sense of belonging and a common identity. The House System is named according to the school's values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence (R.I.C.E). Every student finds identity with a House which they will stay committed to till graduation. 

Inter-House PARTICIPAtion

Every department plans programmes and activities that allow students to participate and earn points for their respective Houses. Opportunities for students' House participation is planned according to 5 domains: 
(1) Cognitive, 
(2) Moral, 
(3) Physical, 
(4) Social, and 
(5) Aesthetics.

Through collaboration and interaction with fellow students, fueled by a spirit of excellence, students contribute to earning points for their respective Houses through a host of programmes and activities. While each House works towards the title of a House champion, the spirit behind the students' synergy is to establish a sense of belonging to Horizon.


  • Mathematics Alive!
  • MTL Celebrate Reading
  • EL Spelling Bee & Emoji-diom
  • ER3
  • Big Idea Box
  • I-LEAD+
  • Safe Play Challenge
  • Junior Olympics
  • National Education (NE) commemorative events
  • At Home, at Horizon (NE)
  • Appetite for the Arts