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School Ethos


Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens

In Horizon, we dare to dream! 

Every child who comes into Horizon Primary School will leave as a stellar leader who is ready to take on the challenges of the next level of education with confidence and responsibility. 


To nurture every child to lead their lives responsibly and to contribute with joy

We are taught to be ready for the 21st century as effective communicators, inventive thinkers, digital literates and lifelong learners. We are nurtured to care for our family and serve our nation with pride and joy! 


Every child is a leader!

Our school leaders and teachers believe that every one of us is a leader!
They instil in us good habits to self-manage and lead a meaningful life!

Core Values


To treat others with high regard and be a socially-responsible citizen. 


To have strong moral principles and display ethical behaviour. 


To show empathy and care for others. 


To strive to be exemplary.

Strategic Thrusts

  1. Holistic Education - Engaged, self-leaders who are future ready.
  2. Quality Engaged Staff - Passionate and committed educators who contribute to the development of students and organisation.
  3. Fostering Partnership with stakeholders - Quality tripartite home-school-community partnership that achieve student and organisation outcomes.