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Principal's Message


Horizon Primary School is into her 10th year and we are heartened that she continues to be the school of choice for many students and parents.Her reputation of having a caring environment with diverse learning opportunities and nurturing motivated students who actively contribute to the community over the years continues to strike a chord with the community.

As we celebrate our 10 years of lifelong learning, we share the theme and significance of our -ING tree.  Taking the perspective of continuous tense in English Language, -ING signifies the continuous growth and development in our students, staff and school.  Being a relatively young school, Horizon Primary is relentless in her efforts towards our school vision and mission of developing confident individuals and responsible citizens.  Over the years, we have been achieving outstanding student, staff and organisation outcomes, playing a part in serving and contributing to the community.  We aspire to inspire greater joy in learning and serving as a leadership school.  

The theme for our 10th year anniversary is Deepening Roots; Celebrating Milestones; Broadening our Horizon.
Deepening Roots
Having a strong foundation built on holistic development anchored on the five domains – moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics, we take pride in our past successes and continue to place great emphasis on joyful learning and experiential Head-Heart-Hands approach in our learning experiences.  In cognizant of the challenges our students will be facing in future, we aspire to develop them to be leaders who value learning and care for the community.  Our firm belief that Every Child is a Leader! continues to anchor our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) on student leadership, I-LEAD+, where students learn and internalise Stephen Covey’s 7 habits™ of highly effective people.  Our Horizon Stars are given various leadership opportunities and platforms that instil in them a deep sense of responsibility and pride as self and community leaders. 

Celebrating Milestones
Horizon Primary subscribes to and celebrates joyful learning as a school.  We strongly believe in the importance of cultivating the passion and love for learning.  School experiences such as Science Discovery Day, Math Alive, Mother Tongue Fortnight, camps and Internationalisation@Horizon, are designed to appeal to the hearts and minds of our students so that they are open to the co-construction of knowledge, innovative learning and the wonders of skills acquisition with their teachers and peers.  Our students are also provided with authentic, relevant and applicable learning opportunities within and out of school.  Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Computational Thinking in Mathematics, allows our students to develop coding skills and deepens their understanding of mathematical concepts through block-based programming.  Students also get the opportunity to practise the 7 habits™ as they develop their problem-solving and communication skills, ability to collaborate in teams, creativity and logical thinking.  In support of joyful, holistic education, our co-curriculum activities (CCAs) are weaved into the curriculum time since 2017, ensuring balanced and conducive learning opportunities for all our students.  Under the tabs of Our Experiences and Our Pride, we share with you key programmes, achievements and accolades our students enjoy and have achieved over the years. 

With the near completion of our new block under the Primary Education Review Implementation (PERI), we welcome our first batch of MOE Kindergarten 1 students in 2020.  With the inclusion of the even younger children into the school, we are confident that the transition from our MK@Horizon will be smooth and benefit our in-coming Primary 1 students.  We also look forward to more learning opportunities and spaces provided for the primary sector such as our new playground, outdoor learning spaces, Programme for Active Learning (PAL) room, teaching laboratory, modular Mother Tongue Language and specialised rooms, Applied Learning Programme (ALP) spaces.      

Broadening Our Horizon
Our school has expanded – in terms of not only capacity, but capabilities over these 10 years.  Our cohort size has grown from 125 students in 2010 to about 1530 in 2019.  Our P1 intake of students has grown year after year.  This year, we have 280 vacancies for our incoming P1 students!  The after-school care service and support we provide to our students continue to focus on quality programmes, taking the needs of the Punggol community into consideration.  Even more of our students have the opportunities to step out of the school to be involved as volunteers in community work.  Through these programmes, our students apply our school values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence, together with the 7 habits, taught in the school.  Having students as advocates of these values and ambassadors to share their love with the community through community events help them to develop an even greater sense of empathy and compassion towards others.  We received many kind and positive feedback and encouragement from our Punggol residents whenever our students reach out to the community through events such as festive seasons sharing with the Punggol North residents, spreading kindness messages to the commuters, showing their gratitude to the SBS Transit staff, and showing their care and concern to the elders at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, etc.  

It takes a village to grow a child and we are grateful for the unwavering support, love and commitment of many stakeholders to the students and the school.  We are thankful for the continued support of our students, staff, parents, former students as young alumni members and our community partners whom we appreciate working with.  We look forward to contribute further as a school to the community, as that is what we are here for as a school – to develop our students as Confident Individuals; Responsible Citizens, to be blessings to others.           
Your partner-in-education, 
Mrs Grace Leong