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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL is an initiative recommended by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee to place greater emphasis on co-curricular programmes for all Primary 1 and 2 students.

In Horizon, there are 4 domains of PAL, namely Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. 

PAL Modules

Level Sports & Games Outdoor Education Visual Arts Performing Arts  
Primary 1 Ice Age Nature Discoverers Colour My World Groovy Moves
Primary 2 Home Nature Explorers Funtastic Art Drama RAMA

PAL offers learning experiences that are fun, active, hands-on and meaningful for our students. PAL activities in Horizon are purposefully designed to allow the inculcation of values and development of students’ social and emotional competencies. Through the activities, students learn to communicate and synergise with one another. 

Collectively, PAL modules in Horizon enhance the total experience of our students to provide them with a holistic education.