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Ten-Pin Bowling CCA

Ten-Pin Bowling is a fun and interesting CCA which requires good leg, hand and eye coordination. It develops Horizon Bowlers’ self-awareness and self-management skills as they take charge of their learning and persevere to achieve excellence through the CCA sessions. Students will learn the fundamental skills of bowling such as the proper technique of holding the ball, walking the approach and how to release the ball with power and accuracy.  

Horizon bowlers always begin with the end in mind as they set personal goals for every practice. They strive to do their best so as to beat their personal best scores. They synergise with their peers to achieve better scoring. They display sportsmanship and values such as respect, integrity, compassion and excellence in all CCA sessions and competitions.  

In the quest to pursue sporting excellence, selected students will have the opportunity to represent the school in the annual National School Games Bowling Championships!