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SwimSafer (PE Curriculum)
Students in Horizon will be introduced to Swimming at Primary 3 through the SwimSafer Programme as part of the PE Curriculum. SwimSafer is a national water safety programme which aims to teach students swimming proficiency and water survival skills. Through the programme, students will also learn to be responsible and independent by packing their bags and preparing for their SwimSafer lessons. 

Swimming CCA
Students have the opportunity to extend their love and passion for swimming through the Swimming CCA. The Swimming CCA envisions to develop students’ character and values through the sport. Students will take charge of their learning and strive for excellence by building on their swimming proficiency. In pursuing sporting excellence, students have the opportunity to participate in the annual National Primary Schools Swimming Championships!  

Besides the opportunities to improve their fitness and refine swimming techniques, Swimming CCA aims to nurture our students to be dedicated and resilient leaders in all aspects of life.