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We Care Club CCA

The We Care Club envisions to empower our students to make an impact on people and the environment. As Leaders, our students take action to make a difference in others’ lives.

Through a wide array of activities, the club seeks to cultivate values of compassion, empathy, responsibility and respect. Strong camaraderie will be developed as club members synergise to plan, communicate and to embrace and overcome challenges throughout the sessions.

We Care Club aims to nurture our students as active contributors who seek to make valuable improvements to the society.

Using the design thinking strategy, our students embarked on our first project with several sessions of discovery and brainstorming. The students decided to set up a Mathematics carnival during the recesses to engage their school mates with activities that were both fun and meaningful. During the process, the students learned to work together and overcome challenges. They were very encouraged by the positive response from their school mates.