A whole school student leadership development programme, I-LEAD is Horizon’s flagship programme since 2010. I-LEAD is developed with the vision that our students can be empowered to become effective self-leaders. Our students will have the capacity to lead their own lives and be able to influence and contribute to those around them positively. Horizon’s I-LEAD curriculum is wholly developed by the school and is anchored upon the school’s core values (Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence – R.I.C.E) and guided by Steven Covey’s 7 HabitsTM. The 7 HabitsTM is used as a tool for developing self-leadership in our students. 

Today, apart from being a common language of communication of key habits and values, the I-LEAD curriculum has since been integrated into VIA, PAL and CCA where students practise the 7 HabitsTM in their daily learning. 

Our school's I-LEAD programme was featured on the MOE Student Leadership Development (SLD) E-Buzz Periodical.