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In view of the ambiguity in future job opportunities, there is a need to prepare our students for the challenges that they will face in time to come. I-Design@Horizon leverages the 7 Habits of our I-Lead+ programme and design thinking approach to develop our students into self-directed learners and active contributors who are innovative and risk-taking and are able to make responsible decisions.

Design thinking is a solution-based approach that focuses on people and create better solutions for them. Our students are given platforms to empathise others in the search of an opportunity that motivates them to work on a solution. While students are creating their innovations, the journey may not be smooth-sailing and there may be failures. This process encourages a vibrant thinking culture where students are not afraid to experiment and to learn through productive failure as they prototype to validate their ideas.  This is very much aligned to educationist and philosopher John Dewey’s theory of constructivism where learning involves integration of learners and his/her own observations in a cycle of creation and observation.

I-Design has been integrated into Primary 3 and Primary 4 Social Studies project work. Our students go through inquiry-based Social Studies using components of design thinking. They research for content to deepen their understanding of the Social Studies syllabus, and at the same time explore content beyond the textbooks. The Primary 4 students also have an opportunity to create student-authored publications during the project. In 2018, ‘Know My  Singapore’ was published, using the content and work that the students had created. 

I-Design has also been incorporated into Innovations Club and Eco-Club CCA where our students are given the opportunities to observe and empathise with different groups of people and creating better solutions for them through various activities and projects carried out.
At the end of the process, our students become more resilient and reflective self-directed learners who question, reflect and persevere. In their groups, students learn to communicate effectively and synthesise with their group members. They will learn to resolve conflicts and respect one another’s ideas during their discussions. Through the process of creating their innovations, our students learn to take calculated risks and work with ambiguity.