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Tiered Student Leadership Development

There are two tiers to Horizon’s Whole School Leadership Development Model. Tier 1 establishes the primary purpose of developing every student as a self-leader. Tier 2 serves to identify and equip students who possess leadership qualities to be developed as student leaders. The second tier of the leadership model emphasises on the development of students who possess the potential to become leaders of their peers.

Our school's I-LEAD programme was featured on the MOE Student Leadership Development (SLD) E-Buzz Periodical.

Horizon’s Tiered Leadership Development Model

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Tier 1 – Every Student a Self-Leader

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At this tier, every student is given a class leadership role. Form Teachers, together with subject teachers, evaluate their student’s leadership potential by using the Personal Qualities (PQ). 

There are three levels of leadership:

Level 1:  Self-leader

Level 2: Responsible Leader

Level 3:  Respected leader

Developing every student to be a leader who is confident and self-directed in learning is our school’s key focus. At Horizon Primary School, the Personal Qualities for Holistic Development Profile of our student are based on the 7 Habits. 

Sample of Personal Qualities

MOE Personal Qualities

The 7 Habits Descriptors



Be Proactive

Is aware of the right thing to do.

Displays the right actions without being told.

Is a self-directed learner.


Begin with the End in Mind

Plans ahead and sets goals

Does things that are meaningful

Does not give up easily and sees through a task till the end


Put First Things First

Spends time on things that are important

Says no to things that should not be done

Sets priorities to achieve personal goals


Think Win-Win

Respects differences and avoids conflicts.

Balances what he/she wants to achieve with consideration for what others want.

Is willing to and able to work well with all classmates from diverse backgrounds.


Seek First to Understand then to be Understood

Is aware of the feelings of others

Uses positive language when communicating with others

Tries to see things from other people’s viewpoints



Works well with peers.

Values other people’s strengths and enjoys learning from them

Collaborates with others to create better solutions.


Sharpen the Saw

Takes good care of self and shows effort in maintaining his/her personal appearance.

Spends quality time with friends in school

Takes every opportunity to learn, not just in class.

Tier 2 - Student Leaders for the Student Community

Students who have displayed positive leadership qualities may be identified to be student leaders within the student community. These student leaders undergo several trainings in 7 HabitsTM and leadership skills before embarking on their leadership journeys. These are the groups of students who can lead their peers and be entrusted with greater responsibilities. Tier 2 Student leaders in Horizon Primary are the drivers to engage the student population and to seek students’ voice.

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Tier 2 Leadership Development

InvestituresInvestitures 1.jpgInvestitures 2.jpg
Leadership TrainingsLeadership Trainings 1.jpg

Core Team ElectionsCore Team Elections 1.jpg

CompetitionsCompetitions 1.jpgCompetitions 2.jpg

Tier 2 Service Leadership

Duties and MentoringDuties and Mentoring 1.jpgDuties and Mentoring 2.jpg
School EventsSchool Events 1.jpgSchool Events 2.jpg
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 Community Involvementcommunity involvement 1.jpgcommunity involvement 2.jpg