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Learning for Life Programme



Horizon Primary is committed to nurture every child to lead their lives responsibly and to contribute with joy. A whole-school Student Leadership Development Programme through CCE, I-LEAD is Horizon’s flagship programme since 2010. 

I-LEAD is developed with the vision that our students can be empowered to become effective self-leaders. Our students will have the capacity to lead their own lives and be able to influence and contribute to those around them positively. Horizon Primary believes that Every Child is a Leader.

Horizon’s I-LEAD curriculum is developed by the school and is anchored upon the school’s core values (Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence – R.I.C.E) and guided by Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ®.

The 7 Habits is used as a tool for developing self-leadership in our students.

The 7 Habits Tree.jpgAs Horizon grows, the practice of the 7 Habits is integrated into various platforms. This allows our students to internalise and demonstrate the 7 Habits through their daily learning experiences.

I-LEAD+ is our renewed I-LEAD curriculum in 2019. I-LEAD+ serves as the backbone to the school’s CCE Curriculum, with the students experiencing a holistic education through three main focus areas; Life Skills (Leadership), Social Emotional Competencies and Values and Citizenship Education. In I-LEAD+, the 7 Habits remain as the common strand that permeates through our instructional programmes.

ILEAD+ CCE Curriculum.JPG

I-LEAD+ curriculum involves both explicit and integrated teaching of 7 Habits. Primary 1 and Primary 2 students undergo ‘Discovering the Leader in Me’ lessons through weekly designated 7 Habits periods. Primary 3 to Primary 6 students continue to learn the 7 Habits via integration in the different subjects/domains.

These subjects/domains include:

  • Physical Education – 7 Habits Routines
  • Art & Music – Making Thinking Visible (MTV) Routines
  • English Language – Read @ Horizon and Write @ Horizon
  • Social Studies – P3 & P4 Social Studies Innovation Projects
  • Values in Action (VIA)

7 Habits @ Horizon, I-LEAD+ 

Framework for Whole School Student Leadership Development with 7 Habits

Primary 1 through Primary 6

Levels of leadership

Core themes and objectives

Skills, competencies and values

Integration of 7 Habits into Learning Experiences

Level 1


  • Primary 1 & 2

Discovering the Leader in Me 

This is the beginning of the self- leadership.  Students learn that they can choose to be leaders of their own lives.

Character and Life skills through 7 Habits

1. personal effectiveness

  • Show Initiative
  • Self-confidence and motivation
  • Intrapersonal skill of  self-management
  • Responsible for own actions 

2. managing interrelationships effectively

  • Respecting self and others
  • Active listening skills
  • Spirit of cooperation
  • Communicate and work as a team
  • Show compassion to others
  • Strive to be healthy 

Establishing values through RICE:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Excellence

1.   Instructional Programme

  • English reading and writing
  • Social Studies
  • CCA

2.    PE and Aesthetics

3.     Citizenship and Character Education

4.     7 Habits lessons

Level 2

Responsible Leader

  • Primary 3 & 4

Taking Charge

Grounded on the school's core values and practicing the 7 Habits, students are empowered to take charge of their own lives.

Level 3

Respected Leader

  • Primary 5 & 6


Students are ready to initiate to make a difference- a difference that would benefit others around them apart from themselves.