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Ukulele and Guitar CCA

The Ukulele and Guitar CCA aims to develop students into confident ukulele players who appreciate music. Students get to master new chords, note reading and melodic playing of various popular songs. They will also learn basic lyrical writing skills, creation of percussion rhythm and strumming patterns in addition to what is taught in the school’s music curriculum.

The Ukulele and Guitar CCA seeks to inculcate in students the value of teamwork and respect. Students are given opportunities to practise and perform with their peers regularly in class and in doing so, they learn the importance of synergising with their friends when they play the ukuleles and sing together in unison in an ensemble. 

Our students from the Ukulele and Guitar CCA performed at the Punggol 21 Community Club for the Punggol North Chinese New Year Dinner. The event was featured on Minister Ng Chee Meng's Facebook page.