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At Horizon, we believe that every child can write. We develop our students so that they become writers with a voice, able to express their ideas freely and creatively. We urge them to seek inspiration from their personal experiences and tell stories about the people they have met, places they have been and things they have done.

To do this, our teachers design termly writing packages that enable students to be skilled writers. Through this in-house writing programme, students learn how to plan and develop creative and interesting storylines through a range of planning tools. They learn to apply their grammar skills to express their ideas coherently and meaningfully. Students are also taught to pepper their stories with idioms, humour and irony.

We encourage and recognise our students’ work through our publications. We have been publishing our students’ writing pieces since 2018. Our two publications ‘Horizon Stars, Celebrating Every Writer’ and ‘Horizon Students, Our Stories’ are a labour of love from our students and teachers.