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Our in-house literature programme aims to further develop a sense of passion and appreciation for the English Language. Our teachers design lessons that teach our students to develop critical thinking and learn to analyse the world that we live in with an open mind. Over their years in Horizon Primary, our students study a variety of texts.

They will struggle with Mowgli about his identity, sit in a giant peach with James, win a golden ticket to the chocolate factory and sing to the dawn with Dawan and Kwai. Through these stories and various fun activities specially tailored to the interests of our students, we teach them to make connections and interact closely with the texts. Together with their classmates, they gain deeper insights of their lives and are hence better equipped to make meaning of the world that they are growing up in.

In 2019, we launched our first publication titled ‘The Books We Read’ where students showcased what they had learnt and done during their literature lessons. Students were proud and happy to receive the publication as they could reminisce what they had created with their friends. Parents were also delighted to see their children in action.