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Release of Results of 2018 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)

The results will be released on Thursday, 22 November 2018.

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Upcoming Events for Alumni

Click here to find out more about upcoming events for our alumni!

We-Connect! (11)

We-Connect! (11) is out. Please click on this link to view it.

School Uniform Home Delivery Fee for Online Purchases

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Staff Accolades

Click here to read about the most recent accolades garnered by our staff members!

2018 MCOnline Booking Procedure

Please click here to view the MCOnline booking procedure of MTPS.

Meet-The-Parent Session for Primary 6 students

The school will be organising its Meet-The-Parent Session for Primary 6 students on Thursday, 24 May and... Read More

Event Photos

Check out our recent events in our Photo Gallery!

Associate Parent Volunteer Scheme 2018

Registration details for Associate Parent Volunteer (APV) Scheme 2018... Read More

Booklist for Year 2018

Booklist for the year 2018 has been published. Please click the link below to download the booklist according to ... Read More

SNAC Matters

Please refer to the user guide to download SNAC in your mobile device and to perform a first-time registration. If ... Read More

Updates for 2018

Please click on this link to view the updates of school for 2018.

MOE Kindergarten at Horizon Primary School in 2020

MOE will be setting up an MOE Kindergarten (MK) within Horizon Primary School in 2020. Please click here ... Read More