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MOE Kindergarten @ Horizon

MOE Kindergarten @ Horizon (MK@Horizon) received our first batch of Kindergarten 1 students in January 2020.

Horizon Primary partners MK@Horizon closely in enriching our students, both from the primary section and the kindergarten children, with learning experiences and inculcating the joy of learning as they come together during certain school celebrations and events. MK@Horizon also provides Kindergarten Care (KCare) service for students enrolled in our MK. 

We will furnish updates and information on our MK@Horizon and KCare service on this online platform.  For more information on MK, you may wish to visit www.moe.gov.sg/moekindergarten.


K1, K2, KCare


MOE Kindergarten @ Horizon
Horizon Primary School
61 Edgedale Plains
Singapore 828819
Tel: 6235 6960


MK: 8am – 5pm (Tel: 6235 6960)
KCare: 7am – 7pm (Tel: 6513 9223)


This MOE Kindergarten is in collaboration with an Early Years Centre(s) which provide infant care and childcare services for children aged two months to four years.

Partner Early Years Centre:

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol North
50 Edgefield Plains
Singapore 828717
Tel: 6244 4050

OUr Learning environment

How does our MK@Horizon and KC@Horizon learning environment look like? Watch the videos below to find out more!