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Our School

Welcome to Horizon Primary School

Dear Parents,

Horizon Primary inculcates strong leadership values and habits in our students, through explicit teaching of Stephen Covey’s 7 highly effective habits and life skills to meet the future challenges.  We aspire to develop our children to be confident individuals and responsible citizens who contribute to the community and serve the nation with pride and joy.  Our students find joy in learning, exploring and discovering their interests and talents.  We are committed to inspiring students’ creativity and nurturing innovators who improve society through their ideas and projects.    

The holistic curriculum at Horizon Primary is based on the five key domains – moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics.  The programmes within every domain are specially designed with a mission to spark the curiosity of our Horizon Stars to explore and to experience new learning.  Through these learning endeavours, our students cultivate effective lifelong habits and positive learning dispositions such as perseverance to keep trying and the determination to succeed.  

We believe in cultivating and sustaining active partnerships with families and the community to support the holistic growth of our students.  Our team of caring teachers works closely with parents in providing support and guidance towards student learning and development.  We are confident that our school will prepare our students well, not just academically but in life.  

May I invite you to explore what Horizon Primary has to offer in enabling our children to discover themselves and realise their aspirations. 

Mrs Grace Leong