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FAQs and Useful Links

Frequently Asked Questions

1. CCAs in Primary Schools

Why do we need to have CCA in Primary Schools?

  • In Primary School, students are exposed to a broad spectrum of CCAs that caters to the diverse range of interests. As they progress through the years, there will be opportunities for specialisation. 
  • CCAs allow students to discover their interests and talents.
  • CCA provides students with a common space for friendships and social integration amongst students of diverse background.

What are the learning outcomes of CCA?

  • Through CCA, students will be able to:
o  develop passion for their CCAs.
o  develop leadership skills and learn to work as a team
o  forge friendships and have a sense of belonging to the CCA and school
o  ignite the spirit of service to the community
o  progressively develop CCA-specific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through sustained participation in any of the CCA groups. 
o  learn core values, Social and Emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies.

2. CCAs @ Horizon

Why is CCA essential for P3 to P6 students in Horizon?

  • In Horizon Primary, we recognise the importance and value the holistic development of students through CCA.  Hence, all P3 to P6 students will participate in CCA sessions.

Why are CCAs conducted within curriculum in Horizon?

  • In Horizon Primary, we believe in developing our students to be exemplary leaders who can lead their lives confidently and responsibly. 
  • CCAs provide students with an excellent platform to lead and shine in non-academic areas according to their talents and interests.  
  • With CCA within the curriculum, all P3 to P6 students will have an equal opportunity for holistic development.

How often are CCA sessions held?

  • CCA sessions are held once a week on Wednesdays from 7.45 a.m. to 9.15 a.m.
  • Additional CCA sessions may be held on Monday and/or Friday afternoons in view of competitions and/or performances for school team members. Parents will be informed prior to these additional sessions.

Can my child/ward join 2 or more CCAs?

  • All CCA sessions are conducted concurrently, so it is unlikely for a student to have more than 1 CCA.

Do I need to purchase equipment/ attire for specific CCAs?

  • Some CCAs may require you to purchase specific equipment/ attire for hygiene purposes (e.g. Swimming gear, Scouts Uniform, Tap Dance shoes etc.) Parents will be informed at the start of the year.

Can my child/ward change CCA during the year?

  • Students will remain in their CCAs from P4 onwards to allow sufficient time and space for them to develop the skills and competencies related to the CCA.
  • We understand that P3 students may still be exploring their interests and as such may change CCA at the end of the year. 
  • P3 students who display great talent/passion in the identified domain/in the school team are greatly encouraged to remain in their current CCAs to further hone their skills and talents to a higher level.

3. eCCA Orientation 2020

What are the objectives of eCCA Orientation 2020?

  • eCCA Orientation 2020 aims to promote the Joy of Learning through CCAs by:
o  providing P2 and P3 students with the opportunity to view and learn about our CCAs
o  showcasing other students’ talents, achievements and work/artefacts during CCA
o  allowing P2 and P3 students as well as parents to make informed decisions of their preferred CCA options in 2021

How is eCCA orientation 2020 different from the past years’ CCA Orientation experiences?

  • In the past, students had the opportunity to explore authentic CCA experiences during the CCA Orientation through hands-on-activities and sharing from CCA leaders.
  • However, due to the Covid-19 situation, all CCAs will be showcased through the school website’s eCCA portal to reduce intermingling. This is part of the Safety Management Measures (SMM) in school.

How long will the eCCA Orientation last?

  • eCCA Orientation will take place from 19 August to 18 September 2020.
  • Parents, P2 and P3 students will be able to find out more about the various CCAs through the eCCA Orientation portal before making a decision on the CCA choices.

4. CCA Registration for 2020

When can I register my child’s/ward’s CCA choices and how?

  • You may register your child’s/ward’s CCA choices from 19 August to 3 September 2020 via MC Online. 

How many CCAs can my child/ward register for?

  • Your child/ward is strongly encouraged to exercise the 5 options to register CCAs from at least 2 different domains. This will allow your child/ward to have a higher probability of being allocated to a CCA of his/her choice.

What if I submit only 3 options or fewer?

  • Your child/ward is advised to register for 5 CCAs from at least 2 different domains. You can encourage your child/ward to explore other areas of interests in determining the choices.
  • It is not guaranteed that your child/ward will get the 1st 3 CCAs opted for.

What if I forget to register?

  • Your child/ward will be placed in a CCA with availability. However, we strongly encourage all parents/guardians to register the CCA choices for your child/ward by the registration closing date. 

What do I do if I forgot my child’s/ward’s MC Online password?

  • You may reset the password at the MC Online login page.

What will the selection process/ criteria be like? 

  • Students will be allocated to a CCA of their choice based on their interests and talents. 
  • For selected CCAs with higher demands, CCA Trials will be conducted to ensure a fair allocation.

  1. Talent Identification : CCA Trials for selected CCAs or SLS Submission for selected CCAs

Why do we need to have CCA trials? How will it be conducted?

  • CCA trials will only be applicable for selected CCAs. CCA trials will allow us to allocate students to the CCAs based on their interests and talents. 
  • This year, some CCAs will have their CCA trials via SLS submissions. They are:
o  International Dance 
o  Tap Dance 
o  Rope Skipping 
o  Wushu
o  Infocomm Club
o  Robotics Club
  • Some CCAs will continue to have the physical trials. They are:
o  Football
o  Tenpin Bowling
o  Badminton
o  Basketball
o  Ukulele & Guitar
  • For more information, kindly refer to the parent’s letter on eCCA Orientation and Registration 2020.

What if I forget to submit my child’s/ward’s video via SLS?

  • Your child’s/ward’s CCA preferences would have been registered on MC Online. The respective CCA teachers-in-charge will contact the parents/guardians if the students have not submitted the video submission via SLS.

What will the assigned task for SLS submission involve? Will we need equipment, props or costumes?

  • The assigned tasks would differ based on the requirements of the respective CCAs.
  • Students and parents will be informed of the respective tasks for the CCA trials.
  • Should there be a need for equipment, you will be duly informed. You may contact the following personnel for additional support:
o  Mr Farouk (md_farouk_rahim@schools.gov.sg)
o  Ms Rama (usha_ramachandra@schools.gov.sg)

6. Supporting Students for National School Games / Inter-School Competitions

How does the school support students who have other areas of talent and interests?

  • We recognise that students may excel in areas other than their CCAs.
  • In line with MOE’s objective of primary school students having a broad exposure to CCA, we are fully supportive of students’ involvement in other areas beyond their CCAs and school.
  • As part of supporting students’ pursuit of excellence in these areas, students who have met the necessary competition requirements will be able to participate in various competitions held for primary schools. 

Can my child/ward represent the school in a CCA that is not offered at Horizon?

  • Yes, your child/ward may represent the school in a CCA that is not offered at Horizon. Your child/ward however, must meet the competition rules and regulations. 
  • You may email Mr Raauuf (HOD PE & CCA) at muhammad_raauuf_othman@schools.gov.sg for further clarification.

Can my child/ward be in one CCA and represent the school in another CCA?

  • Yes, your child/ward may represent the school in another CCA pending the school’s talent identification, selection processes and competition rules and regulations.
  • e.g. Your child/ward may be in a Swimming Club outside of school and be in Robotics CCA. However, during the Inter-school Swimming competitions, your child/ward may be able to represent Horizon Primary School if he/she can meet the qualifying times for the respective events.
  • You may email Mr Raauuf (HOD PE & CCA) at muhammad_raauuf_othman@schools.gov.sg for further clarification.