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Leadership Day

Our P6 students had their Leadership Day. This day marked an important milestone in their education journey, as they graduate from primary school and get ready for secondary school. Our theme for this year was “Reach for the Stars” and we would like our students to always aim high, but at the same time remember to show gratitude for their parents, teachers and friends.

The event was a day made possible for them, by them. They worked hard to put up excellent performances, and received their memorabilia with pride. High level of engagement was seen from the audience and emotions were high. It was indeed a memorable and meaningful day for them.

We hope that they will always remember the well wishes that their friends had given them. We wish our P6 students all the best in their future endeavours, and may they always remember what they have learnt in their journey in Horizon Primary School.

We want to thank all parents who took time to attend this event. Your presence meant a lot to us, as well as the students.

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