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Appointment as scout unit development leader (UDL)

Congratulations to our teaching staff member, Mrs Imran for being appointed as a Scout Unit Development Leader (UDL)! 

She will work closely with fellow UDLs within the Hougang - Sengkang - Punggol area. UDLs synergise to help their units perform well, and train potential Cub Scouts to become Cub Scout leaders in their schools. She strives to help our Cub Scout unit to attain the Gold Award in the annual Frank Cooper Sands Award, which is awarded to sectional Scout units for unit excellence.

Besides helping the Cub Scout units to grow, UDLs also share and motivate fellow Cub Scout unit leaders to sharpen their saw by sharing their experience in scouting. They attend training sessions organised by the Singapore Scout Association and other working partners such as the National Environment Agency. 

Carmen Scouts UDL.jpg

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) 2017

Congratulations to our Operations Manager, Mr Lee Su Choon, for being awarded the 2017 MSEA Platinum and Gold Award and our Administration Manager, Mdm Sophia Lee, for being awarded the 2017 MSEA Silver Award!

The MSEA serves to recognise deserving MOE staff as MOE's service role models who demonstrate the 6 key performance and personal attributes which directly amplify service excellence. The MSEA criteria are aligned with the Service Principles in the Framework for Public Service Delivery - People Centricity; Mutual Courtesy and Respect; and Shared Responsibility for the Public Good.

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Congratulations to our Management Support Officer, Mdm Ivy Han for being awarded the 2016 MSEA!

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