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Principal's Message


Horizon Primary has entered her eighth year in 2017 and our cohort size has grown from 125 students in 2010 to about 1600 in 2017.  Despite being a relatively young school in Punggol North, we are heartened that Horizon is established to be a good school known for her holistic development of students, particularly in the area of student leadership where students learn and internalise Stephen Covey’s 7 habits™ of highly effective people through our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), I-LEAD.  Our Horizon Stars are given various leadership opportunities and platforms that instil in them a deep sense of responsibility and pride as self and community leaders.

In the holistic development of our students, Horizon Primary places great emphasis on joyful learning and experiential Head-Heart-Hands approach that anchors on the five domains of holistic development– moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics.  In each and every domain, our school’s philosophy of Every Child a Leader! is evident in the school programmes that are intricately designed to develop wholesome children – exemplary in values, character and skills to embrace the challenges of the 21st century as we realise our vision of developing Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens.  Our school subscribes to the attributes of Wolk, Steven (2008), Joy in School, as we firmly believe in the importance of cultivating the passion and love for learning.  School experiences designed appeal to the hearts and minds of our students so that they are open to the co-construction of knowledge, innovative learning and the wonders of skills acquisition with their teachers and peers.  In this revamped website, we share with you key programmes that our students get to enjoy and be enriched holistically through the various domains.  

In Horizon, we dare to dream.  With dedicated and committed school leaders, teachers, and non-teaching staff, the endeavour to live our dreams is kept alive as we continue to give our best to attain the many peaks of excellence in our future generations.  In support of joyful, holistic education, our co-curriculum activities (CCAs) are weaved into the curriculum time in 2017, ensuring balanced and conducive learning opportunities for all our students.  We are thankful for the continued support of our various stakeholders – students, staff, parents, former students as young alumni members and our community partners whom we appreciate working with.  We are confident that, together, we will enjoy our school experience and make it even better.      

Your partner-in-education,
Mrs Grace Leong